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Step By Step Guide: How To Use Air Compressor For Bike Tires in 6 Steps

Nowadays air compressors are used for massive assistance in various workshops and industries. Moreover, a handyman also starts keeping them in his tool and instrument collections.  Air compressor has become a regular use for inflating squeezed and flat tires now. If you are learned about how to use air compressor for bike tires, then it could be also helpful for money and time-saving. Because then you don’t have to wait and pay for the professional workshop services. There is no issue even if you are a general biker.

Further, as a biker, you should always have a proper idea about your tire pressure like what is the right air pressure for your tires, how much PSI pressure can your tire load, and more other functional requirements. Stay tuned, up next we will discuss these issues.

Table Of Content

  • Which Tools Do You Need Before Inflating Tires With an Air Compressor?
  • How To Use An Air Compressor For Bike Tires?
  • Short List Of Tips To Select The Right Air Compressor
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Which Tools Do You Need Before Inflating Tires With an Air Compressor?

Before you start inflating your tires with an air compressor, you need to have some other external tools to confine problems and fill tires safely and properly quantitatively. These are:

A Regulator:

A regulator is a must if you often fill your tires with your air compressor. It controls your air compressors’ psi level and ensures that it is serving the exact psi. That prevents the cranks and spoilings of your tires. With the help of a regulator, you can inflate different vehicles (like bicycles, motorcycles, cars) tires using only one air compressor.

A Pressure Gauge:

How do you know if your bike tires’ insider air pressure is accurate? Here you will need a pressure gauge. It helps to tend your tires inside air pressure and keep it appropriate. You can consider it as the monitoring tool for your tire’s pressure so that you will be concerned about if your tire is getting the exact pressure.

A Tire Chuck:

Next and finally you need to build a tire chuck into your air compressor. This works for connecting the air tube to the valve from the compressor and creating airflow from the compressor to the bike tire.

How To Use An Air Compressor For Bike Tires:

Let’s now take a look at the method of inflating your tires with an air compressor with simple steps.

Pick the Right Air Compressor for Bike Tires

There are many different types of compressors you will find in the market. But here the problem arises when you are confused to select the right one. It is important to get tires’ good performance and also to prevent the chance of getting punctures. Here we will suggest to you some major requirements that you should consider if you are willing to buy an air compressor for your bike tires. Be concerned about:

  • How many pressures can your tire endure?
  • Do you need a multi-tasked air compressor?
  • Where do you use your air compressor?

These questions will give the approach to select the right air compressor as your need.

Make the Valve and Tire Ready:

Open the covered end of your valve by pulling out the plastic cap. At the top, you will find a tiny locking nut. Next, easily unscrew it. You don’t need to worry about falling off it. You can use some taps to ensure its movement and observe the outgoing air. But if you buy a Shrader valve, this step is skippable. You will find a stem cap screwed at the top of the valve stem of your tire. Pluck off the cap and keep it. Don’t do that before you are not ready to use the air compressor.

Know About Your Tires Required Pressure

You should know how much air pressure your tires need for safe handlings. Typically, most road vehicles may need pressure between 80 PSI to 130 PSI. You can select 100 PSI as standard. Actually, it depends on the axis load, the number of tires per axis, and also on the atmosphere. Comparably a small air compressor tank can provide pressure from 100 PSI to 150 PSI. If you can’t inflate your bike tire perfectly it will affect your safety, handling issues, and usage of the tire. So, figure out and monitor the required pressure using a tire pressure gauge. Don’t use the pressure gauge while your tire is hot. It may show higher than the actual need.

Place the Regulator

Attach the compressors’ tube to the regulator and after that connect to the tire valve using the chuck. We already have informed you that you can control the pressure using this regulator. So, set your required pressure in your air compressor, and now it is ready to start inflating your bike tires.

Turn on the Air Compressor

Usually, air compressors need electrical power to run. So, plug in the air compressor to the electronic switch and let it pile up with air. Be aware of using outlets with the correct voltage for your air compressor. If it goes wrong, the circuit and compressor can blow accidentally. After turning on it, you will hear the compressor motor begin to work. Connect the air tube to the compressor and finally add the quick coupler.  Tight properly the tube to the valve stem and turn on the air compressor.

Detach the Tube

After having the required amount of air, take off the tube from the compressor. Some hissed noise may be created while removing it. But it is not an issue for worrying. At the end store the stem cap back to the valve.

Tips To Select The Right Air Compressor

To find and select the right air compressor keep in mind the given point below:

Select that air compressor which:

  • has good performance;
  • has a good amount of nozzles and accessories for multiple workings;
  • is ease of use;
  • is ideal for your bike tire pressure;
  • has fast inflation speed;
  • has digital gauges;
  • has enough Power Source;
  • has the best portability & quality;
  • has enough long air tube & cord;
  • is affordable and effective with your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the other uses of Air Compressors?

Some popular uses of Air Compressors are: airbrushing artwork, inflating car tires, powering pneumatic tools, car painting, and so on.

  • Why Proper Bike Tire Pressure Is Important?

Proper bike tire inflation helps prevent accelerated wear which leads to ill-timed tire puncture and is also important for your safety.

  • At what PSI will a tire explode?

It varies on different issues. The burst pressure of a tire is about 200 PSI. Though it may change in different weather.

  • What size air compressor do I need for bike tires?

Generally, for your smooth ride, bicycle tires need 80-130 PSI pressure. You can select 100 PSI as standard.

Final Words

Do you see! Using an air compressor for bike tires is very simple and easy. If you get the right one and learn about how to inflate, you won’t need to worry about your bike tires’ condition anymore. Yet you have any hesitation about buying the right air compressor and how to use it properly, feel free to contact us. We will try to recommend the best and right one as you need. Wishing you a safe and great ride!

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