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5 Uncomplicated Ways How To Fix Air Compressor Tank Leak

A leak on an air compressor is one of the last things that you might want to see and have to experience. But this may not be the same if you follow some tricks and tips on how to fix the air compressor tank leak properly.

In this article, we shall share with you some tips which you can follow on how to fix air compressor tank leak.

Common Causes Of Tank Leak

The tank leak of an air compressor may seem like a small problem but it can lead to further big and unsolvable issues.

It is important to fix this issue as soon as possible after you have noticed that.

Mainly a tank leak is caused because of the faulty equipment present on the compressor. It can also happen because of the dust that gathers on the hose of the compressor.

Tools Needed To Fix The Leak

You shall need some DIY home tools to fix the leak, these tools are very common and almost available at any home.

  • Box End Wrench

A wrench is needed as it shall help you to tighten the loose parts of the air compressor.

  • Soapy Water

Soapy water or dishwater shall help you to determine the leak properly.

  • PTFE Tape

PTFE tape or Plumber’s Tape is used to seal the threads present on the air compressor.

  • Welding Torch and a Rod

These tools are important to fix the leaking issue permanently. The heat from the torch along with the rod shall help to cover the leak.

Tips To Fix The Leak On An Air Compressor

We are now going to be sharing with you the tips following which you can fix the leak and stay happy.

  • Use Soapy Water

Before you start repairing, you have to determine the exact spot on where the leak is. For that, you should use soapy water or dish soap water.

Pour the water on the air compressor surface and pay close attention on the spot from where air bubbles are rising. This is the spot where the leak is happening.

  • Minimize The Air Pressure

As you have identified the spot, now it is time to lower the air pressure of the compressor. This shall help you to preserve the air and lower the amount of air wastage of the compressor.

  • Grinding The Leaking Area

The leaking area of the air compressor shall have rust upon it, you can use the angle grinder to grind the whole area until it becomes clear.

  • Cover The Area Permanently

As we have cleared the whole area, it is time to cover it permanently. For that, you can use the welding torch and the welding rod. Use the welding torch along with the rod to fully cover the surface to prevent further leaks.

  • Routine Monitoring

To get full capacity and an efficient air compressor, you have to monitor it regularly. If you monitor the compressor regularly, you shall be able to identify the leaks before it gets much worse.

Final Thoughts

As you have read our article, you should now be able to understand how a leak happens and how to cope with it. You should now also be able to prevent the leak from happening again. But, always maintain your safety before working on fixing the leaks.

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