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How Long Does It Take To Replace A Home AC Compressor? Full Walkthrough Guide

Amongst the common questions that we get, the first one of the lists is: how long does it take to replace a home AC compressor? 

AC units have become a vital part of your home’s infrastructure, so when you hear from your customers that they are concerned about how long it will take them to replace their unit, you know it’s time to come up with answers.

What is an AC compressor?

Every year, homeowners have to make a choice as to whether they should keep their air conditioning systems as they are or consider replacing them with newer equipment. 

In order for your AC unit to find its way into the right category, whether it’s replacement or repair, you need to understand exactly what’s been going on within those valves allowing cold air to escape through your vents and into your living room.

An air conditioner compressor is a large machine that removes heat from your home by changing a liquid into a gas and sending the cooled gas out through your house. As the refrigerant moves through a copper tube, a fan-forced by an electric motor or a small turbine blows across the top of this refrigerant coil which helps keep the refrigerant moving towards an evaporator coil. That’s how it works! 

This mechanical system starts up any time you turn on the A/C switch in the summer season. The compressor turns an electric motor which then rotates gears that turn another shaft that leads to other gears which make what we call drive belts.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Home AC Compressor?

Some people get worried when it comes to installing central air systems because there are so many aspects that come into play. The first consideration is size, especially if you happen to live in a larger home. 

Naturally, the larger your dwelling is the more vents will be required to accommodate your system which means installation will take longer compared to an apartment or cottage for instance. Another factor would be located because the distance isn’t always proportional to the length of time needed for installation especially if you own a detached house with sizable backyard space.

If we were to estimate the average time required to install the compressor, it may take from 4 to 6 hours.

How can you replace an AC compressor?

The typical practice of replacing your air conditioning system compressors typically requires the hands of a professional, but you can save some money by doing it yourself. Typically less than $300 is enough to cover any costs that might be associated with the equipment that is needed for this project. These items should be readily available at your local hardware or department store – here’s what you’ll need:

  • Brand New Compressor
  • Hand Tools
  • Recovery Tank
  • Refrigerant
  • Light Torch

Steps to replace an AC compressor:

  • Identification: There are different types of compressors used for applications. It is, therefore, advisable to make certain you have one that is suitable for your project’s needs before proceeding with the action. 

To do this, remove sources of power unrelated to the job being done. Ensure all power has been turned off to save yourself time and/or avoid injury due to misuse of tools or contact with exposed wires. This can be quickly verified by consulting either manuals or online resources that are associated with the specific model being worked on.

  • Refrigerant Removal: Refrigerants under pressure must have their pressure released by a professional. When a refrigerant is used up, home or business requires a professional installation of a new one. The refrigerant being pulled from inside different machines and components must be maintained in specialized containers and kept away from drains and sewers due to the harmful effects these contaminants might have on the ecosystem. 
  • Electricity Disconnection: Cut the refrigerant lines on the compressor and be sure to disconnect any remaining electrical wires from the unit as you go.
  • Compressor Removal: Remove the ac compressor and from the specific unit by unbolting it to avoid future calamities. 
  • New compressor installation: Installing a new compressor must be done with careful precision. The new compressor must be fitted into place and connect to all of the existing refrigerant lines. Once the connection has been established, carefully braze each line to guarantee a reliable connection that will provide your cooling systems with a strong foundation for operation.
  • Connection: Put the condenser unit in place and charge the system by putting in the refrigerant.

How much does it cost to replace an AC compressor?

Replacing an AC compressor costs on average about $1,650 with a typical range between $1,000 and $2,500. AC compressors are made of many parts which of course drive up the price.


Thank you for reading! Hope our article was informative enough and you got your answer.

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